Want to Find Out What’s in a Woman’s Purse?

Woman's purse, overflowing with personal items

A woman’s handbag is the Swiss Army knife of womanhood and a fertile ground for product innovation, according to Kelley Styring.

We tracked the purse to its natural habitat – the shopping mall – and asked women if we could look inside their beloved bags and share what was inside them with the world. For Science. And they said YES.

We found old gum wrappers, crumbs, lipsticks without caps, used tissues, cellphones, keys, loyalty cards –  and billions (yes, that’s billions with a “b”) of dollars in untapped marketing opportunities across 25 consumer product categories.

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Cooking up irresistible insights

A large, silver platter covered by a domed lid.

Want your insights to have greater impact? Don’t just present them like a turkey on a platter! Credit: iStock/rasslava

Thanksgiving dinner got me thinking about how market researchers can cook up more irresistible insights and have a greater impact on their business.

Often times, a market research report is presented like a ginormous roast turkey on a silver platter. We lift the dome – ta-da! – and there it sits in all its glory, complete with lavish garnishes of methodology, tricky math and plenty of numbers to savor.

It sure looks pretty, but it’s overwhelming, too much to digest, and let’s be honest, afterward, all folks want to do is take a nap.

We researchers are left crying, “What?!? We’ve slaved over a hot stove for ages, and this is the reaction we get? Why aren’t you devouring those reports and then going out to set the world on fire?”

Go figure.

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