Cleaning Up with User Experience

Carroll Gantz holding the DustBuster handheld vacuum cleaner, which he designed.

User experience played a critical role in refining Carroll Gantz’s revolutionary DustBuster handheld vacuum. Credit:

Before the iPhone, there was the DustBuster.

Stop laughing. It’s true. And it’s a great lesson about the value of user experience.

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“I’m not sticking my hand in there.” (She did)

Kelley Styring and the box used in her experiment.

Would you stick your hand inside this box?

Would you stick your hand into a dark box, unable to see what awaits you inside? Even if you’re told that there’s a treat inside and if you find it, it’s yours to keep?

Recently, I asked a bunch of market researchers to do just that at an event dedicated to learning about incorporating behavioral science into research.  Instead of just standing around talking about what behavioral science is and how Insight Farm uses it to learn more about consumers, I thought that the folks in attendance would learn more by actually participating in an experiment. So, I created and conducted a simple live experiment I called Beyond the Box. Read more

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