October 31, 2017 Kelley Styring

Four Ways to Transform Digital Qualitative

How can you turn unwieldy digital data into valuable, actionable, profitable insights? Here are four ways:

Taking messy digital qualitative data and turning it into actionable insights.


1) Create Texture to Exercises – give consumers different ways to respond including video, collage, and text to triangulate issues and get to truth.

2) Leverage Behaviors and Environments – give consumers Digital Missions to perform – home tours, worksite visits, shopping trips, show your product in-use.

3StoryCraft™ : Find Patterns in the Results and Link to MacroTrends – convergent validity occurs when several types of responses point in a single direction. Identifying clues in Digital Qualitative responses that reflect published literature or other sources of insight helps make findings stronger.

4) Drive to Action – conceptualizing how the future could be different is what makes insight matter. InsightFarm provides ideas for action that go beyond the data and transform businesses.

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