August 8, 2017 Kelley Styring

Leverage: Three Ways to Get the Most from Your Research

Get more out of your research by leveraging it.


One rock using a lever to lift a stack of five rocks.

Get more out of your research by leveraging it.

Lever 1: Harvest what you have
Most companies are sitting on a mountain of information; it’s just not INSIGHT…yet! Revisiting what’s been done and creating new consumer imperatives is a great kick start to building a new learning plan that fills in gaps in your knowledge. Quite of bit of my practice is synthesis of existing data and building action plans that drive growth.


Lever 2: Broaden your ecosystem
Reading business headlines every day is important. Not from a fear-of-missing-out perspective but from the standpoint of new ideas. Understanding what others have done and learned in their industry begs the question: What can I do in my industry based on this experience? Experience is a great teacher and it doesn’t always have to be your own.

Lever 3: Plant New Seeds
Once you know what you have and have looked outside the company for inspiration, focus on gaps in your learning. Do you know what drives growth and how to apply those learnings? Have you seen consumers interact with your product or brand in a genuine context? What ideas do you have and what do consumers think of them? What’s the excitement level? Contact me to build a learning plan for your organization. I do this collaboratively, with no obligation, so we can learn how to work together.

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